Zig Zag Card (Economy Model)

Product Description

A Playing Card is introduced into a cut out plastic frame. It is clearly visible as it is inserted into the frame through the cut outs on the top, middle and bottom of the frame. The centre of the card is now pushed out, so that the card is cut in a Zig Zag manner. An incredible illusion, only possible if the card was cut into three pieces. And you can see right through where the middle of the card should be. The performer pushes back the centre and removes the card. And it is found to be perfectly intact without any cut, or damage.
This is an economy model of the item, made in plastic, for use with bridge size playing cards. It comes to you as a third of the price of our other model, and makes an excellent trick for your collection or a give-away for anyone interested in magic. Very easy to do.

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