Vanishing Candles – Coloured

Product Description

In effect performer displays a large candle. This is lit, and the lit candle vanishes in a flash without cover of any sort. Or if you wish you could have the candle transform into a piece of ribbon or a silk.
The Vanishing Candle we supply is made from a special plastic material. Instead of a liquid fuel tank a real piece of candle is used for the lighting feature. The advantage of this is that there is no set-up of filling fuel, or fear of the fuel evaporating. Just pull the candle out and use it. The flame is also much more realistic, because it is a real candle flame.
We have now produced these candles in different colours, in addition to the white candles available earlier. They are opaque candles, so you can use them to transform a Candle to a Silk or Ribbon.
The Vanishing Candle is available, complete and ready to work with instructions, in different colours, red, green, and blue.

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