The Educated Duck

Product Description

The Educated Duck is a mechanical wooden duck, which picks out selected cards from a shuffled deck, placed in its feed box.. This is an excellent comedy prop, and to enhance the entertainment the duck can be “blindfolded” and you can have him choose the wrong card, then remove the blindfold and he will pick out the right card. You can use it for a variety of routines, with alphabet or number cards, picture cards, or even a vent type question answer routine.
The prop is well made – attractive, visible and very easy to operate. With a little presentation ability, you can get a lot of entertainment out of this.
Long unavailable, we now have a fresh batch, made better than before and at a very reasonable price.
A borrowed finger ring is placed on a bolt, a nut is screwed on and the tip of the bolt is padlocked, making it impossible to remover the nut. The magician removes the ring in an instant.
Precision machined brass props, with a solid bolt turned from 1″ hex rod, 2.5″ long, a 1″ hex nut, lock and keys, and full instructions.

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