Sword Through Neck

Product Description

clean and highly visual penetration effect, which you can perform on a large stage or even a drawing room, completely surrounded by the audience.
The performer displays a Neck block, that imprisons the neck, and a sword, that passes right through it. The sword can be demonstrated as rigid, (swished in your most cavalier manner), and sharp, (slicing pieces of a banana). A sporting, though reluctant lady spectator is coaxed into participating in the “experiment”.
The neck stock is placed around her neck. The sword is pushed right through. It emerges at the opposite end, as the lady smiles, and her mother swoons !
Then remove the sword and stock to show there isn’t even a smear on her make up !
Superior quality props, with gleaming steel sword and scabbard (you wouldn’t keep a naked sword in your pocket !), and the mechanical neck block that makes the illusion possible. We spent many months on fine tuning the mechanics, so that it works “like a knife going through butter”. We have seen models of the item at many times our price, and we honestly think ours is a far superior product. The fact that they sell faster than we can make them, and you will need to book your piece, (with your favourite dealer) to get one several weeks later, is proof that every one who sees this agrees with us.