Six Way Colouring Book

Product Description

Although the Colouring Book is not new, it is a classic magic effect, like the Svengali Deck, and can spell solid entertainment with a little presentation effort. We have now produced one of the finest versions of this prop, with six possible changes.
The performer displays a book with all blank pages. He says he is going to fill it by Magic, and asks his audience to call out their favourite nursery rhymes. As the audience call out the various rhymes, “Jack and Jill, and Humpty Dumpty, and Baa Baa Black Sheep…”, the performer flips through the book again. It is now found to be printed with all the nursery rhymes.
The magician says this is not what he meant, and he wanted the audience to think of pictures for the nursery rhymes. He flips through the book again, and pictures have now appeared in the book to illustrate the rhymes.
Magician now ask the audience to try and colour the pictures. They are asked to rub their fingers on their clothes, and throw the colours at the book. When the book is flipped through again, the black and white pictures have random streaks of colour all over.
“Good”, says the performer, “but let us try again, and colour the pictures between the lines”. Audience complies, and magician flips through the book to show the pictures are now all coloured between the lines, but with all the wrong colours. There are characters with green faces and purple hair, pink grass and green skies and so on.
Once again the performer ask the spectators to color the pictures, this time with the correct colours in the correct place. When the book is finally flipped through again, each and every picture is found to be correctly coloured.
Our Six Way Colouring Book is a deluxe production job, with special custom art work. Off set printed on quality paper in a large size book (8.5″ x 11″), with laminated cover, this 120 page book has bold illustrations for a large audience. A superior quality production that will compete with any produced anywhere in the world.
Although the book permits six different changes, you need not use them all. You could use just two or three changes for a quicker routine if you wished.
In case you are not familiar with colouring books, this is 100% mechanical in working, and you have nothing to do but flip through the book.