Sealed Mirror Glass

Product Description

The Mirror Glass is a very useful prop in the magicians’ “bag-of-tricks”. It appears as a clear glass tumbler, and will enable you to vanish, produce, or change items which will fit in it.
We now introduce a ‘Sealed’ Mirror Glass to the fraternity. It is a sealed mirror tumbler, with a leak proof partition that enables you to also perform effects using liquids. This is a great advantage and will enable you to perform several effects not possible with a standard mirror glass, like changing milk to candy, or rose syrup to a red silk.

We include with each Sealed Mirror Glass an instruction manual with over 30 effects using a Mirror Glass, including several using the sealed feature.

The “innocent” nature of this prop makes it useful to every performer, for many types of effects, including kid shows, platform and stage magic, or mental magic.

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