Phantom Reflections

Product Description

At one time Spirit Slates were an extremely popular magician’s prop for mental or magic effects. Writing, drawings or ghostly images were made to appear on a signed slate or pair of slates. Unfortunately slates are no longer the common every-day item familiar to all students, and much of the modern generation has never seen one. To them a slate is as queer an object as any other special magician’s prop.
This model appears like a more familiar pocket size mirror (4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″) of the sort one would find in a gent’s shaving kit, or a lady’s handbag, and is designed to produce effects similar to those performed with a Spirit Slate.
In effect a pocket mirror is shown and signed or marked on both sides by a spectator.
Phantom Reflections
A reflection subsequently appears in the mirror under the signature, which could be a word, number, drawing or ghostly image. This could be in the form of a prediction or as a demonstration of thought transference, as a spectator concentrates on a particular image or card.
The spectator can also see his own reflection along with the image and this adds to the visual impact of the illusion.
Comes complete with all required apparatus and instructions on handling including a special glass marking pencil and one “ghost image”, which you can easily replace with any other of your choice.