Aquarium Production – Nu-way

Product Description

Effect :- The performer shows a small fold-flat rectangular tube, (which can be examined). The tube is placed on a slim tray which has been freely shown all around, and when lifted away, an Aquarium almost as large as the tube, complete with plants and fish appears on the tray. A quick and colorful production of a very novel type.
While the effect is not new, (we have a similar effect in our range for many years), this method is completely new and different. It has the added advantages that no Silks or Foulards are involved for the production, and there are no additional moves involved in the production. It is ideal for one man use. The props are also much more compact and sturdy for the performer to carry.
The apparatus supplied comprises of the very special tray (with the “spring” Aquarium built in), and the collapsible rectangular tube. You can put this in your act minutes after you get it – so easy it almost works itself ! The “Aquarium” is a simulated one, and needs no real water or fish. Complete with all requirements, and full instructions. An original Funtime product.