Adair’s Paddle Waggle

Product Description

It’s a Paddle trick with a difference. A paddle has three plastic covers which slide over it, obscuring the body of the paddle from view. Each cover has a large coloured spot on each side, one has two green spots, one two red spots and one two yellow ones. The magician pulls the covers off, one at a time, during this he shows both sides of the paddle to be quite blank. The three covers now lie before him on the table.
The cover ‘with the two red spots’ is lifted up and slid over the paddle to the central position. It is shown on both sides. Next, the cover ‘with the two yellow spots’ is placed on the paddle. Again, it is shown on both sides.
The remaining cover which has two green spots on it, is picked up and freely shown on both sides. It is slid onto the bottom and again the paddle, now with the three covers in correct alignment, is shown on both sides.
“Now”, says the magician, “watch the spots jump”. Suddenly, with a flick of the wrist, it is seen that two of the spots have vanished from the covers, only the green ones remain. Magician pulls off the first cover. Now, this is shown blank on both sides and underneath it on the paddle are the coloured spots. Apparently they have penetrated right through onto the paddle. The second cover is removed. This is blank and it is seen that the red spots have penetrated through and are now one on each side of the paddle:.
The remaining cover still has the green spot in position. Apparently the green spots wont penetrate. The magician removes it and places it aside. Then, as an afterthought, he decides to once again try to cause the green spots to also penetrate. Again, he shows the cover with the green spots, sliding this onto the paddle. Once again, a flick of the wrist and – surprise: – the paddle is blank and all three coloured spots have appeared on each side of the small cover. A tremendous off-beat finish. Indeed the spots have jumped but they have jumped all on to one cover:
The creation of Ian Adair, and manufactured and marketed by permission with his original routine, this model of Paddle Waggle is handsomely crafted from Acrylic, with plastic covers, and comes to you complete with routine, ready to use